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      Inis Sea Mineral Soap 212g / 7.4oz
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      Inis Sea Mineral soap 100g
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      Inis Cologne Spray 50ml
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      Inis Hand Care Caddy 2 x 300ml / 10oz
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      Irish Rose Shea Butter Hand Cream 75ml
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      Best of British NBPT showcases a range of wellness, bath and body products from the British Brand Inis. British store

      Inis is a multi-generational venture for beauty and wellness and has been in the industry for over 35 years. Their range of products in personal hygiene includes the Inis Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Diffusers, Hand Creams, Body Lotions, Body Oils, Body Butters, Shower Gels, Body Scrubs, Mineral Soaps and Hand Washes. They also make Scented Candles, Scented Sachets, Sling Bags and Linen Mist.

      The company draws inspiration from the country that it hails from, and prides itself on having created a fragrance that mimics the sea breeze and instantly transports you to a world close to the sea. Even the name “Inis”- the Irish word for island, reflects their strong connection with the oceans and seas. Their signature collection is labelled “Inis: The Energy of the Sea”. It recreates the beauty and energy of the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland and imbibes its nourishing qualities. 

       Their products feature ingredients that they harvest from the cold, pristine waters of the North Atlantic Ocean…

       1. Irish Moss: It is rich in nutrients and antioxidants and imparts a moisturised and soothing quality to the skin.

       2. Fucus Vesiculosus (Bladder Wrack): It is full of antioxidant Vitamins A and C, which hydrate the skin.

       3. Laminaria Digitata (Tangleweed): It has abundant minerals and anti-inflammatory properties which benefit the skin. 

      Apart from these ingredients, Inis also adds other nutritious natural elements like:

      Argan Oil: Argan oil gives the skin a natural boost by utilising the Vitamin E goodness locked in its fatty acids. Famously known as ‘liquid gold’, it is used as a natural moisturiser.

      Shea Butter: Extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, it provides much-needed nourishment to dry and broken skin and helps it to regenerate itself.

      Aloe Vera: Naturally gifted with healing and anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera allows our skin to repair and hydrate optimally. It also soothes the skin immensely after being exposed to harsh sunlight and locks in much needed Vitamin A and Vitamin C in the layers of skin.

      The most famous Inis Products are Inis Perfumes which are enigmatic for anyone who has resided in coastal regions and loves the natural scent of magical sea breeze. Inis Perfumes include a unique line of body sprays and perfumes that exude a unisex scent. It is clean and invigorating and instantly refreshes and makes you reminiscent of gentle sea waves.

      Inspired by the energy of the western coast of Ireland, the wonderful scent of Inis Perfumes lasts throughout a tough and long day. What sets this unique perfume apart is its universality - it can truly be appreciated by anyone fond of the oceans.

       The full range of Inis Perfumes and Inis Products in the United States of America is now just a click away, only at Best of British NBPT.