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      Best of British NBPT offers a wide range of Barbour Jackets For Women in the United States of America. Specially designed to protect against cold, rainy or rough weather, Barbour Jackets and Coats have been a reputed mark of British store craftsmanship since 1894. Barbour Jackets and Coats are vouched for by Her Majesty the Queen and have been granted the Royal Warrant.

      The Barbour Jackets For Women keep you safe from the elements and make you look in vogue with their trending colours and styles. Barbour Jackets For Women are available in stunning shades like Bark, Olive, Elderberry, Aubergine, Cognac, Pine, Black, Cream and Rose Quartz. They include heavy quilted jackets, wax jackets and signature gilets.

      Quilted Jackets

      Beadnell Polarquilt Jacket: Like the iconic Barbour Beadnell Jacket, The Polarquilt offers unbeatable warmth with a diamond-quilted outer lining and a soft, feathery fleece lining on the inside. As per Barbour’s usual practical approach, the jacket has handwarmer pockets for the harsh winter weather.

      Flyweight Cavalry Quilted Jacket: The Barbour Flyweight Cavalry Quilted Jacket provides the right amount of warmth for autumn and spring weather. It’s available in eight elegant colours, each with its own toned, embroidered Barbour logo.

      Katherine Quilted Jacket: The Barbour Katherine Quilted Jacket offers a chic and funky design, with shorter hems than the other quilted jackets. Best worn during transitional weather, this jacket is super stylish with a funnel collar and fabric drawcords.

      Spring Annandale Quilted Jacket: The Spring Annandale Quilted jacket lives up to its namesake in providing essential warmth during the spring and appears fashionable with a corduroy collar and spacious front pockets.

      International Enduro Quilted Jacket: The International Enduro Quilted Jacket is designed in Barbour International’s signature four-pocket style. Of a slightly longer length than other Barbour jackets, this jacket offers lovely luxury with a detachable faux fur hood.

      Wax Jackets

      International Original Wax Jacket: Barbour always expresses its rich heritage via its luxurious International jackets, especially the motorcyclist wear, like its Original Wax Jacket. This jacket has a classic feminine silhouette and maintains good weather protection.

      Waterproof Jackets

      Clyde waterproof jacket: The Clyde is undoubtedly the best jacket for a rainy day, with maximal functionality in its detachable hood and funnel collar.

      International Pedal Fishtail Black Jacket: A beautiful and unique fishtail hem and elastic at the waist to draw out the female silhouette, this Pedal Fishtail Jacket is available in Classic Black.

      Stylish Gilets

      Otterburn Gilet Summer, International Halfback Gilet, International Aberdare Gilet: These sturdy coats are waterproof, naturally resistant to wear and tear and can be rewaxed to appear new and robust for years.

      Barbour’s clothes are well recognised in over 40 countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Holland, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, New Zealand and Japan. The brand’s products reflect British core values and keep the spirit of the British Countryside alive.