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      Best of British NBPT offers a wide range of Barbour Jackets For Men in the United States of America. Specially designed and layered to protect maximally against cold, rainy or rough weather, Barbour Jackets and Coats have been a reputed mark of British store craftsmanship since 1894.

      Barbour Jackets For Men include heavy quilted jackets, wax jackets and signature motorcyclist style gilets. Royalty and celebrities alike vouch for the expert construction of Barbour Jackets and Coats. Men of superb standing like His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh in 1974 and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales in 1987 to Steve McQueen and Daniel Craig, have been spotted sporting Barbour Jackets for Men.

      Quilted Jackets:

      The Polarquilt Waistcoat: The Polarquilt Waistcoat is so versatile that it can be worn almost on any occasion and any winter day. The zips enable it to turn into an interactive jacket. As per Barbour's usual practical approach, an inner security pocket adds a customised touch. The pockets bear Barbour's traditional embroidery, and the jacket is available in colours matching the Classic Collection.

      The Ariel Polarquilt Jacket: The Ariel Polarquilt is a motorcyclist's quilted jacket of choice. The polar quilt can take on the harshness of the open road weather. The contemporary motorcyclist can don this jacket to look rugged and stylish at the very same time. The jacket even has the signature biker-style four front pockets.
       Wax Jackets:

      The International Original Wax Jacket: The Classic Original Wax Jacket on the International line is a fine piece of art and functionality. Biker style cuffs studded to add sophisticated, and four front pockets, especially with the slanted pocket for a handy map, make the jacket undeniably the first choice for many a modern biker.

      Beaufort Wax Jacket: This jacket was designed by Barbour's chairman Dame Margaret Barbour herself. French shooting jackets were models for the construction of this jacket. It sports a short length with a wide rear pocket.

      Beadnell Wax Jacket: Also designed by Chairman Dame Margaret Barbour, this jacket has short hems and a relaxed fit for a comfortable equestrian experience. It was designed keeping the needs of the contemporary horseman in mind.

      Waterproof Duke Men's Jacket: The iconic Duke Jacket was transformed into a Waterproof version for the modern young man. This jacket will keep you safe from the elements while allowing free movement due to its breathable fabric.

      Signature Barbour Jacket for Men: Steve McQueen Carcross Gilet Army Green The iconic actor and motorcycle racer style, this lightweight gilet, has perfectly captured Steve McQueen.