Newburyport, MA, Since 1990

Best of British

Teabag Boxes (20 teabags):

-Lemon and Ginger

-Organic Chamomile

-Blackberry and Raspberry

-Lemon and Orange

Loose Tins

Teabag Boxes

Taylor's of Harrogate Collection:

Loose Boxes Leaf Teas(4.41 oz):

-Pure Assam​

-Early Grey

-Lapsang Souchong 

-English Break.

-Scottish Break.

-Green Jasmine

Loose Tins Leaf Teas (4.41 oz):

-Afternoon Darjeeling

-Moroccan Mint

-Tea Room Blend

-China Rose Petal

-Imperial Gunpowder

​-Special Rare Assam

Teabag Boxes (50 teabags):

-Decaf English Break.

-Afternoon Darjeeling Tea

-Early Grey

-English Break.

-Irish Break.

-Lapsang Souchong

-Pure Assam

​-Pure Ceylon

-Scottish Break.

-Green Tea w/Jasmine​